Dr Rani Osman Rakyat’s Desired Candidate

YB Dr Hj Abdul Rani Osman is a renowned politician and member of a State Legislative Assembly from Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS). He was a medical practitioner who earned M.B.CH.B (Honorary degree in Medicine) awarded by Arab Republic Tanta University, Egypt before devoting himself into national politics beginning 2008.

His top notch string of wonderful services as a medical doctor is continued with full dedication even after he became a politician who is loved by the public and respected by his foes. He owns Fitrah Clinic, a clinic that he founded is now run by a line of hand-picked doctors and trainees now that his commitment has shifted to the people within DUN Meru.


YB Dr Hj Abdul Rani stands by a simple principle when performing his duty; every constituent from any ethnic or political inclination are promised their full-fledged welfare rights. There is zero tolerance in favoritism as to ensure every citizen in his constituency be given the rights that they deserve.


Any voters who wishes for a caring and ever ready to serve the people will find Dr Hj Abd Rani as the best candidate in the upcoming Sungai Besar Parliament by-elections. The people of DUN Meru is a living proof who may testify on Dr Hj Abd Rani’s involvement in social activities involving people from all walks of life be it the traditional kenduri, religious ceremonies, funerals and walkabouts in areas that calls for attention.


Most importantly, no religion, no ethnicity or opposing political group supporters will be left behind or secluded from the daily agenda of Dr Hj Abd Rani 24/7.


It is an unambiguous statement, a short but meaningful motto of his in “Becoming The Rakyat’s Candidate”

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